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Main information details about Terra Foundation and contact and donation information guide.
Terra Foundation is registered with the number 238 in the Registry of the Protectorate of Foundations of the Ministry of Culture, Ministerial order of the 29th of July 1994 (BOE 08/09/94). All the posts of their Patronage are gratuitous and they present the accountancy to the Protectorate annually, according to the present legality.

In 1994, Fundación Tierra was created, not to be another environmental o ecological entity in the country but to bring a more pratical focus that would contribute to promote a more sustainable society, which would be more respectful of natural systems on Earth.

It was founded by three young men from the Catalan ecologist movement, convinced that the environmental problematic was rooted in the cultural understanding of nature and our surroundings in general.

We work to improve the environment for a new Earth.
Fundació TERRA or TERRA Foundation is a social instrument used to spread out the message that every person could and must do little things to contribute to the preservation of the environment.
Terra Foundation renders expenses to the Protectorado de Fundaciones del Ministerio de Educación y Cultura annually (Protectorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture).The annual accounts are prepared in agreement with the current and legal rules of adaptation of the Pla General Comptable per a les entitats sense ànim de lucre (General Account Plan for Non- profit Organizations).
Contact adress, email and phone of Terra Foundation in Barcelona (Spain)
We offered between 2008 and 2011 a collection of offers for the social transformation and the environmental activism, pursuing new values that allow for a more sustainable relationship between human beings and the planet.

A civilization rises due to the work of the people present at every moment of history. Behind every idea and conviction, there is human effort and not considering this would be a naivety. The objectives, programs and activities of this organization committed to a more sustainable world can only be made a reality with economic resources. But, even if these resources exist, it is necessary for a human team to manage them with loyalty.

Tierra Foundation wants to give support to The Green Fan of EvoSwitch as an exemplary initiative between organizations of telecomunications. All websites of the Tierra Foundation are housed on one server that hangs on a climate friendly infrastructure.
As users, please first read the following terms of acces before browsing the contents of this website. Accessing this website will indicate that you are in agreement with the following terms and conditions.
Today, volunteering has become a basic tool of the civil society to act in the social field. Based on the current legislation (Law 6/1996 of January 15th), Terra Foundation has a program that facilitates the professionals interested to participate with their knowledge in tasks of awareness and environmental information.