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Social Report 2009

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In 2009, the work of the Terra Foundation had centered itself in 4 areas: Inspirations for the change, saving and efficiency, vital simplicity, and solar activism. We highlight the activities that are more relevent to the campaign of Guerrilla Solar , the Campus Tour The 11th Hour: Action in the Penultimate Hour , and the Catalog of entertaining and educational environmental services. The Terra Foundation applies in their management, values of transparency in order to  guarantee the confidence of its donors. We are driven to develop, encourage, and bring to the disposition of society, the best tools possible for this social transformation, from activism in the environment and energy awareness to austerity and the decrease in use. We all have the vision from a small and creative scale to open braves and authentic ways to sustain the human beings on the Earth, with the objective to be apart of the solution instead of the problem.

Social Report 2009 (3Mb) (available in Spanish) >> Download document in PDF format


Definition of objectives
Ethics in the government of the foundation
Honour Council
Corporate sustainability management
Information Management

Inspirations for the change

Catalog of environmental activities: entertaining and educational
Practical ecology portal
Environmental Perspective: monographs on environmental education
Ibici: solutions for bicycle transportation
Project Liliana: ecological technology for people with disabilities
Energy Autonomy of Hermann Scheer
Small ideas to guarantee a great future

Solar Activism

The solar wave of UAM
Guerrilla Solar: open environmental activism
Cataluña cooks with the sun: campaign of sensitization
Public demonstrations of solar cookers, workshops, and activities of sensitization for the promotion of renewable energies

Savings and Efficiency

Biohabitat: A workshop of ideas
Activities of Environmental Disclosure
Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

Vital Simplicity

Activitites on Environmental sensitization to save energy and the fight against climate change
Activities for citizens action

Economic Balance