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Simple living and sustainability

Our life style is not sustainable. The evidence that proves it is that if the more than 6.000 milion humans on Earth lived like rich countries' people we would finish off the planet resources. It is essencial to promote the call for simplicity or simple life and the necessary decrease of growth.

The Fundació Terra, committed with the protection of the environment for the last 10 years, has always based its strategy in promoting attitudes and behaviours to reduce our environmental footprint on the planet, such as the importance to lead a more simple life, the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency and the necessity of consuming goods that stimulate solar economy.

Enrol to NO OIL (campaign finish on 2017)

Even though cities with a lot of traffic make the use of the bicycle quite difficult, the number of people using it as their mean of transport has not stop increasing in the last years. This shows an increase in solidarity and ecological awareness amongst people, whom are taking the bike for its daily journeys more often than before. 

The Photonic Kit GS120 was an innovative product to promote renewable energies at domestic level with an appliance "solardomestic" made for plug and play.

We are offered the right to consume energy for our vital necessities, but we do not have so many possibilities either to save it or either to have this energy generated from renewable sources that do not contribute to the global warming of the planet. In practice and in the long run, the investments to save energy are more profitable than the investments to use it without limits. We do not have an easy access to know the ways to save energy or even to produce it without damaging the health of our planet.

The local and regional governments can promote the local production of energy and the use of renewable energy sources. The introduction of solar energy in buildings is a good example. Moreover, the local and regional governments can encourage the citizens to implement projects of renewable energies offering economical and regulative support in local initiatives.
Guerrilla Solar is a campaign for direct action towards the promotion of solar energy and renewable energies in general, energy saving and efficiency in the DOMESTIC area.

By direct action we understand promoting specific GESTURES of people. And amongst these gestures, we want to emphasize some that have something to do with the good use of technologies that gets us closer to a "sufficiency economy".

The campaign Guerilla Solar: plug it to the Sun makes the Photonic Kit GS120 available to the citizens that want to join the crusade in favor of access to renewable energies in the domestic scope.

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is an herb original from Paraguay and Brazil that contains a powerful natural sweetener substitutive for sugar. Many medicinal advantages are attributed to Stevia, especially for diabetics.  The sweetness of this plant is found on the leafs, which contain the steviosid and rebaudiosid, naturally sweet substances that don't contribute with calories and that the human body can metabolize without the common problems associated with an excessive consumption of sugar.

A somewhat different campaign

We all will remember year 2006 as the year in which climate change appeared in our everyday life.