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Against climate change: I AM THE SOLUTION

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The "I AM THE SOLUTION" campaign logo.
A thermographic image.
The posterbike is useful as a goods transportation vehicle as well as an advertising support.
Posterbike in action.
Materials from the campaign to promote actions against climate change.
A somewhat different campaign

We all will remember year 2006 as the year in which climate change appeared in our everyday life.

News, activities, books, and movies, made us realize of the fact that we humans cannot hide from global warming. Terra Foundation, an organization that promotes a new socio-economic ethics, and tries to act consistently, had the opportunity to start in 2006 a participative campaign around this issue, thanks to an institutional sponsorship. The aim of the campaign was to stimulate citizen action against climate change, inviting everyone to take simple steps in their everyday life to stop the human induced greenhouse effect by cutting their CO2 emissions.

The campaign: Against Climate Change: I AM THE SOLUTION is based in 4 resources. First of all, a travelling interactive space to invite to act in our everyday lives: EXPOACT Canvi Climàtic. Secondly, the "poster-bikes", a sustainable vehicle, are the support for the diffusion of the campaign, a mean of transport consistent with the message.

We believe that we all are exposed to all sorts of data and information around environmental issues, but what is really important is the urgency to start to act together against climate change. Some governments announce plans to cut CO2 emissions. But the most important is to realize that each one of us is the solution.

A truly unique resource of the "I AM THE SOLUTION" campaign is the website, based in a huge tapestry formed by a mosaic of photographs where individuals, families or friends, may place a digital image of their environmental gestures.

This tool will be active until year 2010, so the 10000 spaces may be filled with 10000 gestures from a sensible citizenry. The mosaic will remain as a public proof that every one of us can fight climate change.

Finally, using thermographic technology, the campaign shows how our buildings lose energy and informs about the great amount of energy used without need due to an architecture that does not consider environmental issues.

8 environmental gestures at hand

Global warming is the greatest menace for humanity. This battle may only be overcome if humans come together in a supportive front.

Our country has exceeded in 45 % the quota for CO2 emissions permitted in the Kyoto Protocol, and, besides governmental prescriptions and laws for companies and others, the citizenry action is also needed.

A more sustainable society will depend on the addition of our individual behaviours. The campaign Against Climate Change: I AM THE SOLUTION, talks about supporting renewable energies or travelling a bit less, but most of all wants to spread eight simple actions which everyone can do, and that may be examples of the power for saving energy to stop global warming.

The 8 environmental actions proposed are:

-1. Low consumption illumination. Changing incandescent and halogen bulbs for compact fluorescent lights or LED fixtures.

-2. Energy efficient appliances. Buying appliances rated A, A+, A++, Energy Star labelled, etc.

-3. Separating household waste to allow recycling reduces energy consumption and contamination

-4. Efficient comfort. In our climate, choosing temperatures above 26 ºC in summer and below 20 ºC in winter, and using efficient appliances such as inverter heat pumps.

-5. Using your bicycle or public transport. Biking is the most efficient mean of transport for routes below 3 km and collective transports emit 4 times less CO2.

-6. Efficient driving. Less than 2500 rpm saves up to 35 % of fuel.

-7. Buying local. Today, 40 % of world emissions are related to goods transportation. Every time we shop near home or choose local products we save greenhouse emissions.

-8. Insulating homes. Windows and doors, if not well insulated, allow for great heating and cooling energy losses. Double pane windows and other measures reduce the energetic bill.

10.000 good reasons against climate change

Climate change is a reality recognized by the scientific experts: mountain glaciers decrease, artic ice melts, the ravages of climate include floods, draughts, storms and hurricanes. The demand for energy continues to grow.

The atmospheric CO2 concentration is the highest for 12000 years.

Environmental related diseases increase, and air pollution is killing in our country more than 16000 people each year, four times more than traffic accidents.

European Union reports point that in 2025 the environmental degradation may have reached a catastrophic point. At the current rates, world population will increase from present 6400 millions to 7900 millions in 2025. Even moderated politicians like Al Gore have pointed that climate change is the worst enemy that the humanity has to face, going past global terror.

If the current tendency continues, we will leave a non healthy world to our children. But we all feel good if we do good, and by supporting renewable energy and saving energy we contribute to fight climate change. Living with less CO2 is not difficult and may be even interesting. Each one of us may live a more earth-friendly way of life.