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Councils for Energetic Democracy

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More than 250 mayors of european towns during the closing ceremony of the Covenant of Mayors in the European Parliament, in Brussels the 10th February 2009. Image: Paul O'Driscoll.
Photovoltaic solar energy in the household level is the best solution to promote the participation of the citizenship in the fight against climate change.
Inspired by the solar economy, Towns for energetic Democracy is a campaign from the Guerrilla Solar.
The local and regional governments can promote the local production of energy and the use of renewable energy sources. The introduction of solar energy in buildings is a good example. Moreover, the local and regional governments can encourage the citizens to implement projects of renewable energies offering economical and regulative support in local initiatives. Councils for Energetic Democracy is a campaign to give an incentive to the councils to take political agreements of commitment to facilitate the access of the citizenship to the solar photovoltaic energy in households and, therefore, a complementary action to the ones promoted from the Guerrilla Solar .
> Download the informative leaflet of the campaign of the Guerrilla Solar: plug in the Sun (in Catalan and Spanish).

A considerable number of Spanish councils have signed the Pacte dels Alcaldes (Pact of the Mayors) to pass the objectives established by the UE for 2020, reducing al least in a 20% the CO2 emissions in their territory, by implementing a Pla d'Accio per a l'Energia Sostenible (Plan for Sustainable Energy), in the areas in which they have responsibility. This compromise demands to draw up the mentioned Plan during the year after the official adhesion to the Pact.


List of de municipalities who have joined "Councils for Energetic Democracy"

Arenys de Munt, December 10th 2009
Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, May 26th 2009


Promoting Energetic Democracy at the town level

To promote energetic democracy at the town level the idea is to ask the Spanish councils to commit to promote and give easier access to the installation of small-scale solar photovoltaic installations in particular households, connected to the grid with the guaranteed and safe systems that the current renewable technologies permit.

Among the possibilities lies the boosting of legal tools to simplify the bureaucracy currently needed to install solar photovoltaic installations in households.

The campaign proposes a sample text to be proposed and approved in the Council's plenary session, in Spanish and Catalan .

The Councils who join the initiative will be included in the list of "Councils for Energetic Democracy".