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Guerrilla Solar: the Photonic Kit GS120

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El Photonic Kit GS120 can only be acquired ordering by phone and with a bank transfer payment.

The Photonic Kit GS120 was an innovative product; the first 150 citizens were get it a good cost price. Moreover, these first 150 citizens enrolled at the Guerrilla Solar getting this kit received as a present a Buff® , leader brand that created the first tubular multifunction textile without seams and printed with the logo of the Guerrilla Solar.

The photonic kit GS120 is made of a photovoltaic panel GAHELIOS HEE120C, the inverter for the connection to the supply SINEO 0.125, support systems for its setting and 3 meters of electric wire with a standard plug. The product is packed in a strong card box that protects the whole product. A warranty of 2 years for manufacturing defects is offered. 

The last unit was sold in summer 2014.

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