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NO OIL , reduce your oil budget

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This vehicle does not contaminate because it is not powered with fossil fuels. This is the message of the NO OIL bicycle plate.
The "Biciclown"'s bike shows a NO OIL plate and a solar panel.

The Fundació Terra, committed with the protection of the environment for the last 10 years, has always based its strategy in promoting attitudes and behaviours to reduce our environmental footprint on the planet, such as the importance to lead a more simple life, the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency and the necessity of consuming goods that stimulate solar economy.

Enrol to NO OIL (campaign finish on 2017)

NO OIL is inspired on the graphic idea of the Italian anti-globalization activist Vicenzo Onida which has been used by different pacifist movements with the idea of turning bicycles up in mobile messages against the war in Iraq which was incited by the greed of consuming petrol without limits.

The objective of NO OIL is to spread this imitation of the bicycles' plates in bikes used for urban transportation. For each kilometre covered with a bicycle we save 180 grams of CO2 in comparison with a private vehicle. NO OIL is a message to show off in our bikes because when we pedal we are really doing a revolutionary act for Peace. The sticker NO OIL may be stick on an old CD to support it and hung it from the rack of the bicycle or under the seat. You only need to make a hole on the CD and use some thread or bridle to hang it.

Organizations participating in the campaign