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Terra Foundation is registered with the number 238 in the Registry of the Protectorate of Foundations of the Ministry of Culture, Ministerial order of the 29th of July 1994  (BOE 08/09/94).

All the posts of their Patronage are gratuitous and they present the accountancy to the Protectorate annually, according to the present legality.

Following the Spanish Law 49/2002 of the 23rd of December, national donations to Terra Foundation can be claimed for fiscal tax relief based with the certificate emitted by the organization once the donation is done with irrevocable character and for the general aims of the same. For international donations the fiscal exemptions are observed, but for U.S. donations you can contact CAFAmerica for tax exemptions.

Anonymous donations are not excepted, even though Terra Foundation can maintain the anonymity to all the effects except when the identification of the donations is legally indispensable.

In order to make a donation:

  1. You can make your contribution to the account of Land Foundation specifying: donor's name + "donation" to our account in the ethic banking:

    IBAN: ES97 1491 0001 2421 1094 4028
  2. If you prefer, you have it easy making a donation through Paypal:

  3. You can call by telephone (+34 936 011 636) and we will give you all of the details. 

Companies can collaborate with the general activities of Terra Foundation. They will also receive the certificate for claim tax relief as well as an accrediting certificate (35% the companies on the Tax of Societies).

If you've made ​​your donation, ask us for your certificate.


Terra Foundation tries to facilitate it so that people and economic and/or social agents can participate in a practical way in the improvement of the environmental culture, because we understand that the environmental problem is a culture question. Our aim is to contribute the creation of contents and tools to create a new social and ecological ethic that brings us to become part of the solution in a society that is obviously unsustainable. We advocate for frugality to reduce our ecological track, as well as energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies in the domestic scope, especially, solar energy.

We have several projects on the way that contribute to these principles: the efficient management of the energy, the introduction of good practices like the solar cooking, the diffusion of small solar utilities, the promotion of the urban vegetable gardens, the reduction of the individuals carbon dioxide emissions, training of teachers in environmental education, and international cooperation projects to palliate the firewood crisis and the lack of electrical illumination, etc.

For all these projects and more we need your aid, we need friends like you!

Do you want to become a FRIEND of Terra Foundation? »

Besides collaborating with the projects of Terra Foundation, to become Friend of Terra means:

1. You will receive information by e-mail and publications written by Terra Foundation.
2. You will be informed of the events that the Foundation organizes such as chats, presentations and discounts on the activities that we organize.