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Radical Simplicity

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Cover of the spanish edition of Radical Simplicity.
Jim Merkel with his book during the NO OIL Tour.

Simplicidad Radical (Radical Simplicity) is the first book to get if we aim to lead a more sustainable life. It gives a simple method that makes us accountants of our belongings and activities. At the same time, it values the ecological footprint of our lifestyle. Moreover, it proposes a more fair relation amongst the people and the rest of the living beings that also inhabit this planet.   

A handbook for a simple life
There is not a better practical guide to learn to be citizens with a higher solidarity towards the Earth and towards the living beings, today and in the future; in other words, to be more environmentally friendly. Written by the American author Jim Merkel the book also reflects his experience in applying the method for which every page is sincere and free of dogmas. We stand in front of a work which is both inspiring and revealing due to the positive message that gives.

Basic data:
Author: Jim Merkel

Title: Simplicidad radical. Huellas pequeñas en una tierra finita (Radical Simplicity. Small footprints in a finite earth).

Original title: Radical Simplicity (USA)

Language: Spanish

Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm

Pages: 252

Collection: Documentos Tercer Milenio (Documents Third Millennium), 5 

Edition: Terra Foundation. Barcelona, 2007