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Perspectiva Ambiental 34 - The Ecological Footprint (2005)

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How many people may the earth support? Which lifestyle doesn't compromise the future of nature nor the future generations? Reducing human impact on the biosphere is an undeniable challenge. The ecological footprint is a method that may help us to visualize a more fair future, in peace with the biosphere.

Most of current societies just grow, as a need of the economic system: capitalism. Economic growth, until now, has been possible at the expense of the population growth and the increased per person consumption. But societies are much more than prices, and inhabitants are not simply consumers. The planet is not a giant department store without end; on the contrary, lots of the materials that we use are scarce and can't be substituted. New indicators such as the Ecological Footprint give us the clue on how we are destroying the future generations planet.

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Ecological Footprint

How much can the planet withstand?
Indicators to approach reality
The dependency on fossil fuels and sustainable future
What do we need to be happy? Simple life as a response to consumerism
Internalizing externalities, or measuring what can't be priced
Kerala, a special case in the developing world
Method to calculate the ecological footprint
Ecological footprint in practice
Is an image worth more than a thousand words?
A future full of environmental sense
Ecological footprint calculators compilations
A more simple life
Measuring to correct
To fall in love with nature
Second hand, recycling, repairing
A suggestive movie
Let's work with the calculation method of the ecological footprint
Resources, bibliography and internet