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FOR A GOOD CLIMATE. Carbon calculador.

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Cover of the guide FOR A GOOD CLIMATE. Carbon calculator. A guide for action against climate change.

From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, nearly every one of the activities that we do and the goods we have or use imply energy consumption and, therefore, a contribution with emissions to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint is a measure of this personal contribution to the climate change, based on the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) of our daily activities.

With the guide FOR A GOOD CLIMATE. Carbon calculator, an idea of Terra Foundation and CADS (Consell Assessor per al Desenvolupament Sostenible -Sustainable Development Assessor Council), we can get to know which are the emissions associated to different areas of our lives (housing, mobility, food, goods or waste) and to learn how to reduce them. There is also included a "calculator" to make an estimation of the own personal CO2 emissions and to see how they are reduced year after year.

In our country, the average annual carbon footprint per person is of 9.8 tonnes of CO2. Even though they depend on the person, applying the contents of the book it would allow, in some cases, to reduce personal carbon emissions up to 75% in 10 years.

The process of degradation of the planet and the risks of climate change make indispensable that citizens live with environmental conscience, to launch a global change in which all sectors start being more frugal with respect to the use of material and energy resources.

The book invites to adopt a "low CO2 level lifestyle" in which, for instance, we will save energy in the house, we will use public transport or will share the car to go to work, we will go on holidays by train and we will buy and consume local food. For this reason, it also invites to think about what we understand as "quality of life". 

In other words, the guide FOR A GOOD CLIMATE. Carbon calculator wants to be a contribution to learn to think in terms of our carbon footprints and to give the necessary tools to live in a more responsible way, by our own conviction and in a fun way.

NOTE: On page 48 in the printed Catalan version, the calculation factor for the plane should be 0.450 kg. In the online calculator this factor is correct, as it is in the PDF version.

>> Download FOR A GOOD CLIMATE. Carbon calculator. An action's guide against climate change in pdf (currently, available only in Catalan)


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Basic data

Title: X UN BUEN CLIMA. Calculadora de carbono. Una guía de acción contra el cambio climático FOR A GOOD CLIMATE. A carbon calculador. An action guide against climate change)
Language: Catalan 
Dimensions: 14,9 x 20,9 cm
Pages: 51 

Updated and extended edition of The Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyle by Mukti Mitchell . Catalan adaptation by the Observatori Climàtic (Jordi Bigues and Stefan Nolte) with the support of Jordi Miralles and Verónica Serrano.
Correction and revision: Sílvia Cañellas and Joan Maria Romaní (CADS).
Edition: Consell Assessor per al Desenvolupament Sostenible (CADS) and Terra Foundation, Barcelona, 2008.