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The professional team of Terra Foundation (until 2017)

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The professional team of Terra Foundation 2013.
Education and practical experience are baseline activities for the professional team.
Workspace goes beyond the office, and this is why the organization’s balcony also becomes an opportunity to feel the earth and take care of it.

A civilization rises due to the work of the people present at every moment of history. Behind every idea and conviction, there is human effort and not considering this would be a naivety. The objectives, programs and activities of this organization committed to a more sustainable world can only be made a reality with economic resources. But, even if these resources exist, it is necessary for a human team to manage them with loyalty.

Successes, but also mistakes, are the results of the ways in which the skills and knowledge of the people tied to a particular project are put into practice. For this reason, human resources are the greatest potential that any community may have, as they are for Terra Foundation, even if it is only a modest organization. Beyond offering a space of professional work in favor of some particular objectives, the direction of the organization has worked to create a space that allows also for the personal growth of the professionals who contribute to it with their knowledge and ingenuity. It is not easy. And it is certain that sometimes not everyone may fit perfectly. But, even in this eventuality, we have always tried to encourage the creativity of every person, as far as it was possible in every case, and base on it the experience to move projects ahead. People are the best asset any cause may have.

Throughout its brief history - although this organization has been developing its activities for 15 years, the human team has changed, but it has always been its most valuable wealth. It is certain that sometimes we haven't been as successful as we wanted, in spite of our determination. It is also clear, however, that the experience has been useful to develop and grow as an organization. At the end, an organization, as any living organism does, lives its own evolution. Terra Foundation is a young organization, but its own identity has been based in the value of commitment, both in its internal operation and in its external projection and activities. This identity is visible thanks to the sum of the values provided by the professionals who simply make it possible that the Foundation exists. The planet, without a doubt, would experience a huge improvement if we all lived a more austere life and acted with commitment to the present moment. This is why the spirit of Terra Foundation has always tried to be expressed in such a simple way, but yet sometimes hard to achieve, as leading by example. We stay committed with the work in favor of a healthy environment in balance with nature, but also we make possible that the work put into motion by the Foundation becomes a personal growth experience. The principles of austerity and personal commitment that we defend for our environment are based in the love with which we would like to be treated.

Beyond the daily tasks and everyday responsibilities of each one, the spirit who leads the daily work is the joint responsibility in favor of the annual program. In it, it is also clear the dedication from occasional collaborators, friends and fans, and also internship students that will spend some time to share the living experience of this environmental organization. Finally, the ultimate responsibilities of Terra Foundation fall on the Board, the directive team that governs the destinations of this non-profit organization. We are conscious that the direction and the professional team must have a permanent coordination that makes possible the efficiency and effectiveness in the tasks that we propose as an organization. In its daily duties, Terra Foundation works thanks to the efforts of a team formed by seven people, to whom the disinterested dedication of the President of the organization, Jordi Miralles, is added.

At some moments in time, the team has been larger, while at other times shorter, but we have always had the conviction that the challenges we propose cannot be obtained without a good human team. The success of a group of people lays in their capability to seize the spirit of the organization to which they belong. So the human team formed by all the people linked to this project is the greatest treasure for Terra Foundation, and here we record it, because we are what we are thanks to all those who are a part, or have been a part in other moments, of this organization.