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Manifesto of the Guerrilla Solar of the planet Earth

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We are offered the right to consume energy for our vital necessities, but we do not have so many possibilities either to save it or either to have this energy generated from renewable sources that do not contribute to the global warming of the planet. In practice and in the long run, the investments to save energy are more profitable than the investments to use it without limits. We do not have an easy access to know the ways to save energy or even to produce it without damaging the health of our planet.

Currently, the energy transport supply, either public or private, circulates mainly energy coming from dirty sources that cause damage to the environment and seriously affect the planet's health. The access to the electric renewable energy does not have, in practice, a legal framework to facilitate a particular citizen, for example, to set up in their roofs or terraces photovoltaic panels to produce green energy generated by the sun from their own homes. We are not offered any chances to make our houses capable to generate energy and share this energy in a distributed, decentralized way, as a gesture of environmental commitment with the future generations.
We, the Guerrilla Solar of the Planet Earth, promise to save energy in every possible activity in our daily life:  our transportation, at home, in the workplace, etc. And we want to be an example at home, by generating electric energy with clean and renewable sources like the sun, the wind, the water or the biomass. To be able to save energy we need to measure our consumption and to be efficient with the use of energy. To be able to generate clean energy we need to take advantage of the most efficient technologies, for this reason we will use, when needed, the electrical distribution supplies either public or private, with or without authorization, to share with our neighbors the green energy we generate, without receiving any economical compensation for it. 

We, the Guerrilla Solar of the Planet Earth, promise to use secure and certified technologies that cannot cause any damage either to the neighbors or to the employers of the energetic sector or to our environment. The people involved in the Guerrilla Solar sign in to fight against climate change with renewable energies, energy saving and energy efficiency. Over all, the Guerrilla Solar is a movement for the civic conscience and mindful with the future generations.

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> Go straight to the action and take part in the campaign Guerrilla Solar: plug in to the Sun

> Encourage your city council to adhere to the Councils for Energetic Democracy. Send and email to your mayor and to the responsible of environmental issues with the link /articulos148en.html where it is explained what the Councils for Energetic Democracy are and how they can facilitate the bureaucratic process for the direct participation of the citizens in the advance of the renewable technologies and in the reduction of greenhouse effect emissions.