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Perspectiva Ambiental 42 - Appropriate Technologies (2008)

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Little by little, human ingenuity has made possible a quite high standard of technical knowledge, but we should look at our better and comfortable life as something to share with every human being.

This environmental education monograph aims to be a catalog of appropiate technologies, a concept coined by british economist E.F. Schumacher. Appropriate technologies are those small-scale, community level technologies, which design considers the place, resources, culture and impacts of their use. Like nature's estrategies, that change in one environtment or another, appropriate technologies may be different in every situation. Fortunately, there are many apropriate technologies for each basic need to be covered (shelter, clean water, energy, goods production, etc.) and they all can be developed depending on the site resources and cultural features. Appropriate technologies outline a better world. Many times, they are not different from traditional solutions, forgotten or abandoned, while sometimes they appear as an answer to environmental degradation or poverty situations ultimately caused by the economy of the capital. Maybe, before we begin our way into this catalog, we shall remember the maxim wich says "Live simply, so others may simply live".

In this monograph we've tried to make a synthesized compilation of specific examples of appropriate technology (or technologies with a human face) that may inspire us and make us reflect on the need for technologies consistent with a society that is fair, democratic and integrated into the biosphere.

Download Perspectiva Ambiental, 42. Appropiate technologies (PDF format)(spanish)

Appropriate technologies
Appropriate technology, beyond the concept
Principles of appropriate technologies
Low impact shelter
Water at hand
Renewable energy
Horticulture and bringing back fertility to earth
Health and quality of life
Access to information
Sustainable economy
Bibliography and Internet