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Publications with participation of Terra Foundation in collaboration with other organizations or publishers from 1994.

The digital publication Terra Foundation 1994-2009, 15 years for the Earth is a compilation of the main projects that have been developed by Terra Foundation during tha last fifteen years of activity. It picks up basic lines of the organization, its main ideas and how our projects have evolved throughout these last years. This publication, edited on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Terra Foundation, also contains 10 images, collected throughout these 15 years of a dream: to live in harmony with the planet.

Small ideas to guarantee a great future is a short book, directly and clearly, a set of proposals designed by Terra Foundation for the Consell Assessor per al Desenvolupament Sostenible from Catalonia Government. This collection have the objective that all of us can put into practice and influence sustainability in our country.

For 200 years, the industrial civilization has relied upon abundant and cheap carbon combustibles. This dependence however has led to dangerous consequences. For one part it is the insecurity of depending on the most unstable region of the world, -the Middle East-, aggravated by the imminence of the peak of oil, an each time larger shortage, and the scale of the prices. For the other part, the consequences of continuing to burn combustible fuels are potentially catastrophic, as shown in the acceleration of climate change.

When political leaders pay attention to the necessity of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions to stop global warming, they ask themselves: which is the politically viable reduction? At the Earth Policy Institute they ask something different: which is the necessary reduction to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change?

From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep, nearly every one of the activities that we do and the goods we have or use imply energy consumption and, therefore, a contribution with emissions to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint is a measure of this personal contribution to the climate change, based on the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) of our daily activities.