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The Time for Plan B

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First page of the report "The time of plan B" by the Earth Policy Institute translated by Terra Foundation.

When political leaders pay attention to the necessity of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions to stop global warming, they ask themselves: which is the politically viable reduction? At the Earth Policy Institute they ask something different: which is the necessary reduction to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change?

Terra Foundation has translated into Spanish "Time for Plan B: cutting carbon emissions by 80 % by 2020", a plan to re-orientate the political action towards a real and useful reduction of emissions. Plan B shows that it is possible to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide by 80% in 2020. This will allow us to stop the rising in the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, which is already of 384 parts per million (ppm), to around 400ppm, and thus to keep to a minimum the future increase of the earth's temperature. The keys to achieve this aim are to achieve efficiency in all fields and to promote renewable energies. Other factors are the restructuring of the transport system or fighting against deforestation. In any case, all these necessary initiatives are based on well-known technologies and some changes are already being implemented in different places around the world. But it is necessary a global mobilization and to a considerable speed.

The Earth Policy Institute has written a complete report to orientate the world action to achieve this objective of reducing the 80% of the emissions for 2020. Terra Foundation has translated into Spanish this publication to contribute to spread this message and to support the set up of Plan B.

>>Download The time of Plan B (in Spanish)

Main Data

Title: El momento del Plan B (The time of Plan B)
Authors: Lester R.Brown, Janet Larsen, Jonathan G. Dorn, and Frances C. Moore (Earth Policy Institute,
Language: Spanish
Dimensions: 21x29,7 cm
Pages: 12 (with notes)
Translation and Edition (Electronic publication): Terra Foundation, Barcelona, 2009.