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The Economic Report and the Accounts Issuing documents are presented in 2016. The Social Report gather, thouroughly and with illustrations, not only the achievements of the activities in each of the areas but also the  economic reality that the entity went through. In 2016, Fundación Tierra's activity was focused on the following areas:
- Promotion  culture of sustainability
- Promoting environmental awareness in the funeral industry (ecofuneral)

Se presenta la memoria de actividades y de rendición de cuentas del ejercicio 2016. La memoria o balance social recopila de forma detallada e ilustrada no sólo los éxitos de las actividades en cada uno de los ámbitos, sino también la realidad económica de la entidad que se ha caracterizado...
Es presenta la memòria d'activitats i de rendició de comptes de l'exercici 2016. La memòria o balanç social recull de forma detallada i il·lustrada no només els èxits de les activitats en cadascun dels àmbits, sinó també la realitat econòmica que s'ha caracteritzat per un notable increment dels ingressos.
Terra Foundation is registered with the number 238 in the Registry of the Protectorate of Foundations of the Ministry of Culture, Ministerial order of the 29th of July 1994 (BOE 08/09/94). All the posts of their Patronage are gratuitous and they present the accountancy to the Protectorate annually, according to the present legality.

In 1994, Fundación Tierra was created, not to be another environmental o ecological entity in the country but to bring a more pratical focus that would contribute to promote a more sustainable society, which would be more respectful of natural systems on Earth.

It was founded by three young men from the Catalan ecologist movement, convinced that the environmental problematic was rooted in the cultural understanding of nature and our surroundings in general.

We work to improve the environment for a new Earth.
Fundació TERRA or TERRA Foundation is a social instrument used to spread out the message that every person could and must do little things to contribute to the preservation of the environment.
The Economic Report and the Accounts Issuing documents are presented in 2013.

In 2014 we celebrated the 20 th anniversary of the founding of Earth Foundation (Fundación Tierra) the first environmental foundation with this exclusive aim in Spain. As there wasn't a protectorate for fundations in the Ministry of the environment at the time, the Ministry of Culture accepted the concept of environmental culture as a foundational purpose.

Recopilació de diferentes reportatges en els quals el protagonista és l'activitat de la fundació Terra.
Recopilación de diferentes reportajes en los cuales la actividad de la fundación Tierra es la protagonista.


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