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Guerrilla Solar: plainly ecological activism

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Logo of the campaign Guerrilla Solar. We must take action to promote a solar economy that may fight against the ecological and social crisis.
El photonic kit GS120 is made of a 120 Wp solar photovoltaic panel with a micro-inverter to be connected directly to the grid.
Guerrilla Solar was a campaign started in the United States by Home Power magazine which which Terra Foundation joined years go. Today, the idea should remain alive, even more in our country, where is so difficult to invest in renewable energies.
Fighting against climate change requires a change from all of us. It may be the opportunity for structural changes in our society and our lifestyle.
The Photonic Kit GS 120 can be installed in a wall, roof or terrace.
Guerrilla Solar is a campaign for direct action towards the promotion of solar energy and renewable energies in general, energy saving and efficiency in the DOMESTIC area.

By direct action we understand promoting specific GESTURES of people. And amongst these gestures, we want to emphasize some that have something to do with the good use of technologies that gets us closer to a "sufficiency economy".

Guerrilla Solar is a campaign in favor of an ENERGETIC DEMOCRACY, to promote that the citizens fight against climate change, investing in renewable energies, efficient energy and at the same time, saving at home. Each person, family unit or town adhered to the Guerrilla Solar becomes an example for its environment. Each unit of energy that we obtain from a source of renewable energy saves emissions with greenhouse effect, and as a result, to enroll in the Guerrilla Solar is a real and practical way to fight against climate change, as well as a way to give an example of environmental activism to future generations.

For these reasons, the Guerrilla Solar offers different technological tools to make possible the personal and household access to renewable energies and energy saving to the people interested. Guerrilla Solar encourages the use of approved products in the market of renewable energies, highlighting the excellence obtained by the solar technology. The solar equipment used has a symbolic price and cannot harm distribution lines, people or the environment.

Guerrilla Solar: plug in to the Sun

Plug in to the Sun is the first action of the Guerrilla Solar. It is an action to make us aware that we are slaves of the energy consumption, when we could also be producers and, moreover, without contributing to the global warming of the planet. We consume dirty energy coming from oil and highly contaminating electricity from nuclear plants. We could produce electricity with photovoltaic energy from our very own house to contribute to save dirty watts from the electric supply. But at the moment, there is not any encouragement and it is not easy to plug in to the Sun from home.

For this reason, the Terra Foundation has encouraged companies of the renewable sector to design a solar appliance to produce electricity as easy and safely as a fridge, but instead of consuming energy, saving it. In this way, it has been built a real domestic appliance "plug & play" for the first time in Spain to fight against climate change: the photonic kit GS120.

The photonic kit GS120 of the Guerrilla Solar is made of a photovoltaic panel of 120 Wp of high quality mono-cristallyne silicon cells incorporating a micro-inverter of 125 W by injection to the electrical supply with an advanced electronics that complies with all the standards to guarantee the maximum safety, and to stop sending solar electricity via the domestic plug in case that it doesn't detect voltage.  

The photonic kit GS120 of the Guerrilla Solar will be able to generate around 144 kWh a year, an electricity amount that COMPENSATES the equivalent to a 10% of the annual electrical consumption per person in the household. During a sunny day and at full performance, this photovoltaic board can generate around 400 Watts/hour, that is, the electricity that the fridge plus other domestic appliances might be consuming when plugged in at home. The photonic kit GS120 of the Guerrilla Solar is a device with a minimal ecological footprint that gives back in full the energy used for its fabrication after 3.5 years, and that has the capacity to generate renewable energy during more than 30 years.

The photonic kit GS120 of the Guerrilla Solar generates small energy savings since, at the moment that injects electricity through the common domestic plug, it does not allow the entry of electricity from the main electrical supply. On the other hand, there might be moments when we do not have electrical consumption but anyway there is an electrical production with the kit. In this case, these watts per hour are released to the general electrical supply and they become a "present" of green energy that stops the entrance of dirty electricity to the whole supply.

> Download the informative leaflet of the campaign of the Guerrilla Solar: plug in to the Sun (in Catalan and Spanish).

Recruitment of solar guerrilleros

The campaign Guerrilla Solar is thought for individuals, families and also for councils.

The action Guerrilla Solar: plug in to the Sun wants to recruit people and entities that want to take part in this first promotion to fight for the renewable and against climate change from home in a PACIFIC and COMMITTED way with the future generations. Many say that it is the time of the renewable energies but, in practice, the electrical companies are the ones dictating the rules to docile governments. The Guerrilla Solar: plug in to the Sun looks for:

150 committed citizens with the sustainable future of the planet that want to invest in a photovoltaic kit, with technical features characteristic of authorized products. How to get one?

Councils committed with the energetic democracy that facilitate the access to the setting of equipment that generates renewable energy or that saves emissions at a household level.

Participating in the Guerrilla Solar is possible in three simple ways:

1. Read the manifesto of the Guerrilla Solar.
2. Take part in the actions proposed in the campaign, in this case, getting the Photonic Kit GS120 to install it at home.
3. Make visible individual or group actions in the digital mosaic of the campaign I am the solution that collects images of the commitment of citizens against the climate change.

The tools that are suggested for the Guerrilla Solar have a special price, and therefore, it is like an investment subsidized by the Terra Foundation in order that the user pays the minimum for high quality technology. Enrolling and taking direct part in the Guerrilla Solar is a real commitment to contribute to change the current socio-economical paradigm based on the excessive consumption that is damaging the planet at an accelerated rate.

Councils for Energetic Democracy

The councils have a key role in the practice of the sustainability. Their proximity to the citizens and the responsibility of the governments make them become an essential institution in the fight against climate change. In the frame of this campaign, it is urged to the councils to commit for the energetic democracy to facilitate that citizens are able to enroll for renewable energies from their very own household.

Make your council enroll to the Councils for Energetic Democracy initiative: send an email to your mayor and to your environment council representative in order that your town facilitates the bureaucratic process for citizens to have access to renewable energies. Send them this link and encourage them to stick to it.