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Economic Information

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Terra Foundation, an organization for environmental action.

Terra Foundation renders expenses to the Protectorado de Fundaciones del Ministerio de Educación y Cultura annually (Protectorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture).

The annual accounts are prepared in agreement with the current and legal rules of adaptation of the Pla General Comptable per a les entitats sense ànim de lucre (General Account Plan for Non- profit Organizations).

Terra Foundation obtains funding from private donations, entities, and grants from public organizations. The funds availability varies every year depending on the projects undertaken. The Board charges do not include renumeration or allowances. All the economical resources obtained, coming either from private or public entities, are invested in the development of the objectives of the foundation.  

The annual program actions focus on:

  • Promoting sustainability by boosting the renewable energies, efficiency and energy saving.
  • Elaborating on teaching materials and environmental information for both teachers and the interested public.
  • Promoting strategies towards sustainability that can be useful to every person who wishes to adopt a simpler lifestyle with a smaller ecological footprint.
  • Maintaining the website dedicated to practical ecology