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The new label of "The Green Fan" which signals that the website is neutral in CO2 emmissions.

EvoSwitchs UPS system with Delta Conversion.

High Frequency Illumination system of EvoSwitch.

EvoSwitchs datacenter facilities in the Netherlands.

The label of Ventilador Verde, or The Green Fan is an iniciative of the Netherlands organization EvoSwitch , which provides the internet now home to the server with the websites of the Tierra Foundation. All are housed on one server that hangs on a climate friendly infrastructure. With the Green Fan initiative, EvoSwitch is contributing to the enlargement of the climate neutral business market. Tierra Foundation wants to give support to The Green Fan of EvoSwitch as an exemplary initiative between organizations of telecomunications.

The organizations or institutions that exhibit the logo of The Green Fan, show their active and positive contributions for reducing the CO2 emmisions of internet activities. The animated movie explains that, what EvoSwitch calls its climate neutral operation, is very advisable and illustrative of what a good datacenter can do in its facilities.

The label of The Green Fan

The scale of the facilities of EvoSwitch makes them one of the major energy consumers of the Netherlands. the objective of The Green Fan is to convert the technology of the information for end users; a green technology, efficient in energy without affecting the ability and the quality of the sevice, based on the belief that only the reduction of CO2 emmissions and the use of renewable energy can solve the greenhouse effect. The example of EvoSwitch is interesting because it arises from the reaction against the proliferation of dubious initiatives concerning the compensation of CO2. EvoSwitch seeks to guarantee that the compensation of CO2 be made transparent for final use, avoiding projects of "good intentions" and providing solutions with measurable results. 

According to the vision of EvoSwitch; to create economic value added that goes along with the creation of social justice and of a healthy environment. Only a company that reaches equilibrium between economic, social, and environmental aspects can function with long term success. Thus, the firm has undertaken the responsibility of reducing to the minimum the ecological impact in the environment and contributing to society as part of the savings in energy and the active investment in neutral operations with the climate in cooperation with Climate Neutral Group .

The actions and consepts that have enabled the company to adapt its data centers are as follows:

  • Free Cooling
Normally, the datacenters are cooled with compresors that waste large volumes of energy everyday. EvoSwitch has applied free cooling, an energy efficient concept that intelligently makes use of the exterior cold air. With the termperatures in Holland, the compressors turn out to be unnesesary 40% of the time.
  • Cold Corridor

EvoSwitch has invested in the innovative concept, Cold Corridor. The cold air is efficiently driven to the front of the devices while the hot air is efficiently removed from the posterior. The system prevents a short circuit between the hot and cold air, which is more energy efficient.

  • Delta Conversion

The advanced power supplies continues to use the name Delta Conversion. This is an innovative method, efficient in its energy use design for the APC of UPS provider. In this method the emergency power supplies serve not only to regulate the power supply but also to contribute substantially to efficient energy use.

  • High Frequency Illumination

High frequency illumination has been installed in all of the datacenters, complete with sensors that automatically turn off the lights when there is no one around. One advantage of the high frequency illumination is its extraordinarilly low consumption of energy.

  • "Green" Electricity

The electricity that EvoSwitch consumes, has been generated in an environmentally positive way. The company is supplied with DELTA energy, through the Zeeuws Groen program (the green electricity of Zeeland). The Aeeuws Groen generates electricity that is 100% green from sources of renewable energy such as the wind, the sun, and the biomass. The company DELTA invests the generated benefits for Zeeuws Groen in new projects to generate even more energy from renewable sources.

  • The Climate Neutral Group

EvoSwitch cooperates with the Climate Neutral Group in order to compensate its emmisions for the consumption of non sustainable energy (the emergency power generated and the vehicles that the company uses). EvoSwitch colaborates with the Climate Neutral Group in worldwide projects to re-establish the CO2 equilibrium in the atmosphere, contributing as such to a solution to the climate problem. In order to neutralize CO2 emmissions, new trees have been planted and (biogas?) projects have been started. All of these projects satisfy strict requirements of quality and are revised by independent organizations. These projects are not only favorable for the climate, but also for the local population when the projects are ran.

  • The Green Grid

EvoSwitch is a member of The Green Grid . This worldwide consortium of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) providers strives to obtain the most efficient use of energy in its data centers. The founders of The Green Grid are AMD, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Intell, IBM, and SUN, although actually many other companies are included like Cisco, Texas Instruments, EMC, Novell, Juniper Networks, and Fujitsu Siemens.