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Social Report 1994 - 2004

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Cover of the edition of Terra Foundation's Social Report for the first 10 years.

Cover of the 1994-1999 Activities leaflet.

The actions carried out during the existence of Terra Foundation are gathered in this publication that compiles the activities and the social balance of the organization.

>> Download Social Balance 1994-2004 (1.5Mb - pdf format - in Spanish)
>> Download Graphical Memory 1994-1999 (300KB - pdf format - in Spanish)

Contents of "Social Report 1994-2004"

The activities carried out during the first 10 years of operation of Terra Foundation are gathered in this 83-page publication, edited in 2005, that compiles the report of activities and the social balance of the organization.

The beginnings of Terra Foundation
On the 7th of April 1994 three friends with a long history of working in different conservationist organizations decided to create a new environmental organization with only one objective: to create a place to encourage practical ecology, with the aim of contributing to a change in our habits in order to be more respectful of the environment. With this aim Terra Foundation was created. The Foundation was born with a clear conviction: the environmental problem was a problem of culture and it was clear that it was not easy to gain access to the information that would help overcome the ecological crisis that we face. It became obvious that we cannot think about an ecologically minded society if we do not change ourselves first.

Projects for the environment
Terra Foundation has always been a modest entity in all aspects and with a limited capacity. However, its main assets have been the innovative ideas on environmental matters proposed to the society. Some of the projects elaborated during these 10 years promoting the practical ecology are found below.

Nature conservancy

  • Natural Reserve of Vall d'Àrreu (1994-95)
  • Humid area in Molins de Rei (1995-96)
  • Reintroduction of the Peregrine falcon in Barcelona (1995)
  • Natural Reserve of la Fuixarda (1995)
  • Nature in the cities (1996)
  • Restoration of the lake of can Cardús or mas d'en Gall (1996)
  • Kuna Yala (1997)

Awareness and environmental culture


  • Summit of Children in favor of the environment (1994)
  • Between all of us, we make ecology (1994-96)
  • A gesture for the environment (1994)
  • Let's recycle the carton (1995)
  • Everyday ecology (1995)
  • Environmental website of Catalonia (1995)
  •, the portal of practical ecology (1999)
  • Los Sostenibles (2002)

Promotion of the renewable energies and the environmental technologies



  • The ozone watch-people (1994)
  • Project Argonauta (1995)
  • Natural art (1995-96)
  • Promotion of green biological sewage treatment plants (1999)
  • Solinera (2000)
  • Photovoltaic sunflowers (2001)
  • Earth Summit in Johannesburg (2002)
  • Rotor goes down to the urban asphalt (2004)

Ecological habits



  • Love the Earth (1995)
  • Let's make a paper mountain (1999)
  • Acquisition of Biohabitat, Workshop of Ideas (2001)
  • Mediterranean Christmas (1996-02)
  • Ecocasa, domestic eco-audits program (2004)

Other actions



  • Encuentro solar
  • Solar lamp Noctisolar Ecolight
  • Spreading of the solar cookers in schools in Barcelona
  • Spreading the Scheffler reflector technology
  • The bicycle as a tool for sustainability
  • Publications and websites