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Social Report 2005

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During 2005 the task of improving the efficiency of the activities to be carried out was started. At this moment, the main areas of activity are: environmental awareness, promoting green habits, giving a boost to the solar economy, and the development of efficient and sustainable energy. Likewise, as an entity attached to the Moviment Laic i Progressista (MLP), Terra Foundation has stood out in advancing the process of Agenda 21 as well as the strategies for sustainability for the group of organizations that make the MLP.

Terra Foundation owns a simple but efficiently optimized structure, so that few resources are needed to manage it. This is performed essentially with the volunteer work from the members of the Board and some help of an economic adviser. This makes it possible for the 100% of the funds received to go to programs on environmental issues established in the annual agenda that develops the objectives of the Foundation.

Social Report 2005 (in Spanish) >> Download document in PDF

The activities described in the Social Report 2005 are as follows:

- Document management
- Internship programs for students and final year projects
- Maintenance of internet domains
- The Honour Board

Environmental Awareness
- Website
- Perspectiva Ambiental
- Books
- Agenda 21 of Barcelona
- Collaboration with other media
- Other information activities  

Green habits
- Biohabitat, Ecología sí, gracias (Ecology yes, thanks)
- Rotor goes down the urban asphalt
- Campaign and Tour No Oil
- Promoting of urban gardening

Solar economy
- Encuentro Solar 2005
- Collaboration agreement with the Foundation Celestina Almada
- Promotion and cooperation with the parabolic solar cooker
- Installation of a Scheffler solar reflector
- Development of an plug and play urban photovoltaic pergola

Energy efficiency and sustainability
- Bio-construction and energy efficiency at home
- Efficient expositions
- Green wood FSC

Collaboration with the Moviment Laic i Progressista (MLP)

Economical report