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Social Report 2006

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A detailed view of the activities carried out in Terra Foundation during 2006.

Some of the highlights of 2006 were the Solar Cookers and Food Processing International Conference in Granada, the Solar Festival during the festivities of la Mercè in Barcelona, and the campaign against climate change called I am the Solution. Without a doubt, 2006 was a special year. Anyhow, the effort made by all the people involved in Terra Foundation made it possible to continue with the work that is usually carried out in four main areas: environmental awareness, promotion of green habits, giving a boost to the solar economy, and the development of efficient and sustainable energy.  

Likewise, as an entity attached to the Moviment Laic i Progressista (MLP), Terra Foundation stands out for the project promoting solar ovens as a tool for environmental awareness amongst youth societies.  

Terra Foundation owns a simple but efficiently optimized structure, so few resources are needed to manage it. This is performed essentially with the volunteer work from the members of the Board and the help of an economic adviser. This makes it possible for 100% of the funds received go to programs on environmental issues established in the annual agenda for developing the objectives of the Foundation.   

Social Report 2006 (in Spanish, 1.2 Mb) >> Download document in PDF

The activities described in the Social Report 2006 are as follows:

- Document management
- Internship programmes for students
- Maintenance of domains and trademarks
- The Honour Board

Environmental Education
- Website
- Perspectiva Ambiental
- Exhibition "The house of the Negawatts"
- Spreading of the educational kit "Future Technics (Power House)"
- Agenda 21 of Barcelona
- Participation with other media and entities
- Other information activities  

Green habits
- Biohabitat, Ecología sí, gracias (Ecology yes, thanks)
- Promoting urban gardening
- Keep your bike healthy

Solar economy
- Solar Cookers and Food Processing International Conference
- Solar Meeting 2006
- Promotion and cooperation with the parabolic solar cooker
- Give light to the hope
- Use of the Scheffler solar reflector
- Solar Festival
- Campaign Tanquem les nuclears (Let's close nuclear plants)
- The Ona Solar (Solar Wave), a project of a citizen participated solar photovoltaic installation

Energy efficiency and sustainability
- Bio-construction in action
- Efficient expositions
- Campaign against climate change "I am the Solution"
- FSC Environmental responsibility certification
- Campaign No Oil

Collaboration with the Moviment Laic i Progressista (MLP)
- Environmentalization and Agenda 21
- Monthly newsletter
- Project of encouragement of solar energy with educational purposes with solar ovens
- Project Youth and Sustainability
- Participation in learning activities
- Greening of common spaces
- Other activities

Economical report