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Social Report 2007

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A detailed view of the activities carried out in Terra Foundation during 2007.

The year 2007 has been marked by two projects related to the promotion of the solar economy. In our country, we have been given the chance of investing in green energy against the climate change: the first project for "solar waves" developed a photovoltaic installation at the market in the district of El Carmel in Barcelona. The second one was an activity of solar technology transference in the island of Zanzibar, where the project was undertaken.

The Fábrica del Sol (The Sun Factory) was chosen to be financed by the customers of Caja Navarra. Likewise, the second edition of the Solar Festival of Barcelona and the consolidation of the Encuentro Solar in Granada marked a clear profile of the motivations of Terra Foundation.
The presentation of the annual report is an act of public transparency with which Terra Foundation would like to renew the trust of all of its collaborators. We believe that this document expresses the spirit that moves us as a social entity committed to the sustainability of the planet.  

The Earth Foundation has a simple structure that is well optimized, so that the resources used for the structural administration are minimal. This is mainly done with the volunteer work of the members of the Board and the partial collaboration of an economic adviser. This feature makes it so that 100% of the funds obtained are used towards the programs of environmental action outlined in the annual plan that develops the objectives of the Foundation.

Social Report 2007 (in Spanish, 1.5Mb) >> Download document in PDF

Definition of objectives
Members of the Board
Document management
Internship programmes for students
Maintenance of domains and trademarks
The Honour Board

Environmental Education
Environmental view
Other publications
Development of the Agenda 21
Environmental education in the street
Collaboration with other media and entities

Green habits
Biohabitat, Ecología sí, gracias (Ecology yes, thanks)
Support to the parabolic solar cooker
Collaboration with a project for nature conservation with the incentive of the parabolic solar cooker
Baby to school by bike
Solar economy
The Ona Solar (Solar Wave), a model for popular participation with renewable energies to fight climate change
La Fábrica del Sol (The Sun Factory): workshop of assembly of solar reflectors for community kitchens in the archipelago of Zanzibar (Tanzania)
Cataluña Solar
Encuentro Solar 2007
Sun and Peace Awards 2007, the prize for conscious renewables
Solar festival
Campaign Tanquem les nuclears (Let's Close the Nuclear Plants)
El Museo del Sol (The Solar Museum)

Sustainability and voluntary simplicity
Campaigns of environmental awareness
Certification FSC of environmental responsibility
Certification for Ecological Construction Ecoterra
X-Ray on inefficiency using thermographic technology
Discussion and Exhibition Science and Technology for Development

Economical balance