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Social Report 2008

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A vision detailing the activities of the Terra Foundation in 2008.

The year 2008 has been marked essentialy by 3 great projects. The 1st has been put at the disposition of Spanish society, the valuable documentary DVD, The 11th Hour, which comes with a guide for action. This film, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, was not realeased in our country and despite its importance as a reflection, it has not reached the necessary population to have the knowledge and the values of those contributions made by more that 50 scientists who appear on it. The 2nd has been the organization of the Encuentro Solar, an edition with the theme "a good climate with renewables and efficiency" that ends a cycle of celebration for this event given that temporarily it is not organized for 2009. Finally we should highlight the project Solar Cookers for Poor Women in India that allowed the donation of 100 parabolic solar cookers to a center that provides training to young women of the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The project was sponsored by the program Tú decides, tú eliges (You decide, you choose) of the Caja Navara Foundation.

The lecture and presentation of the Social Balance contributes a precise vision of the activity as well as the compromise with the society of the Terra Foundation. In this 2008 edition, is taken into account, incorporated for the first time as a part of the management analysis on corporate sustainability, the environmental impact generated by our activity. As a modest entity, the activity is not audited in a formal way, but we believe that the publication of the memory of activites and its disclosure from the network show this desire for transparency that all organizations should have with the society that supports us. Anyways, in this institutional website, concrete articles can be found with more details on the most of the activities of Terra Foundation

The Terra Foundation owns a simple but efficiently optimized stucture, therefore few resources are needed to manage it. In this sense resources in the form of investments and expenditures are directly associated to the developing activities for equivalent compliance purposes at 97,72% of the basis of the target revenue, obtained in a way determined in article 32 of the Regulation of the Foundations of State Competition, approved by Real Decreto 1337/2005 on December 11th.

A major aspect of this work are the contribution of volunteers and members of patronage who dedicate their time and talents to the fulfillment of the foundation's purpose. All of this activity described in the Social Report however, could not be possible without the dedication of the professional team at the Terra Foundation .

Social Balance 2008 (2Mb) >> Download document (spanish lenguage) in PDF format

The activities described in Social Balance 20008 are as follows:


Definition of Objectives
Ethics in government of the foundation
The Honour Board
Corporate Sustainability Management
Information Management

Sustainability and Decrease

Elaboration of contents for
Monographs on environmental education: Perspectiva Ambiental (Environmental Perspective)
Guide for action in the penultimate hour
Development of the Agenda21
Activities for citizen action
Campaign for environmental sensitization for energy savings
Activites for socio-environmental responsibility

Solar Economy

Encuetro Solar 2008
The Sol y Paz (Sun & Peace) awards 2008 and other social acts
The sun of all the cultures
The advanced Solar Wave
Public demonstrations of solar cookers
Workshops and activities of sensitization for the promotion of renewable energy
The Factory of the Sun project
Participation in the development of solar energy
Solar cookers for women against poverty in India

Promotion of Ecological Habitats

Biohabitat: a workshop of ideas
Activities that release environmental presence

Economic Balance