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Social Report 2010

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The synthesis of the activities fulfilled during the year 2010 can be summarized from the task that Fundació Terra completes around information and education,  as the foundation takes its roots in that need to inspire values based on the respect of our planet. We are convinced that we have to respect nature as we are part of it. During 2010, a professional structure was maintained at technical offices: the team was made by an accountant, an it technician, a customer service leader, a social activities technician. Fundació Terra's direction has been to the charge of Marta Pahissa, environmentalist, who is highly formed and experienced about the activities carried out by the foundation from 2001. This very memo is offered as a proof of the transparence that Fundació Terra wants to give out to the society it aims at serving.

• Social Report 2010 (1,6 Mb) (available in Spanish)>> Download the document in PDF