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Social Report 2017

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Report and Social Balance 2017 from Terra Foundation.

The Economic Report and the Accounts Issuing documents are presented in 2017. The Social Report gather, thouroughly and with illustrations, not only the achievements of the activities in each of the areas but also the  economic reality that the entity went through. In 2017, Fundación Tierra's activity was focused on the following areas:
- Promotion  culture of sustainability
- Promoting environmental awareness in the funeral industry (ecofuneral)

The report explain all  actvities made it that allowed not only display the commitment of the organization but also the areas where it has innovated.That is why the Economic and Social Report is a document of accurate information about its actions in favour of the environment.)

The Activities Report and Social Balance is a truthful disclosure document on its action in favor of the environment.

• Balance Social 2017 (2,3 Mb) (spanish language) >> Download PDF

• Memoria económica o Cuentas Anuales 2017 (PDF de 3 Mb, in spanish) according to the model provided by the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte.