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We are convinced that environmental or sustainable society is the one we can imagine as soon as we will change. Changes are not caused by our guilty feelings but by our actions becoming part of the solution.

Big problems are the addition of small attitudes, in the same way little changes are indispensable to solve problems. We talk about sustainability as a panacea for global ecological crisis. Unluckily, only through concrete gestures, changing our behavior, we could improve the environment.

In this page you can find some of the projects and activities developed by Terra Foundation since its creation in 1994.

The greatest environmental challenges that our planet faces are simply the results of a wide array of apparently innocuous impacts, that now accumulate and get amplified to become lethal. This is the reason to promote personal and collective action to avoid environmental destruction. Terra Foundation acts as a catalyst of iniciatives that go in favor of the environmental awareness of the public and contribute somehow to the conservation of our nearest environment.
We are a part of nature even if our urban style has made us apart of it somehow. This is why small actions to recover degradated ecosystems in our nearer natural surroundings is something we owe to future generations. In a few cases, Terra Foundation has promoted restoration projects in the local natural environment.
Terra Foundation wants to be a social instrument to expand the message that every person can, and should, get involved in practising small gestures that contribute to save our environment. Our environmental activites are not protests but actions to spread the idea that small changes are powerful to change the quality of our environment.
It is crucial to accelerate the presence of renewable energies, and specially solar energy, under every form and possibility. However, it is also essential to propomet energy efficiency. Terra Foundation promotes photovoltaic solar power as a solution to save toxic emissions to the atmosphere due to the generation of electricity, that nowadays takes place in carbon and nuclear plants. In short, we try to share our conviction for the more-than-ever necessary solar economy.