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ECO Archives

In 1994, Fundación Tierra was created, not to be another environmental o ecological entity in the country but to bring a more pratical focus that would contribute to promote a more sustainable society, which would be more respectful of natural systems on Earth.

It was founded by three young men from the Catalan ecologist movement, convinced that the environmental problematic was rooted in the cultural understanding of nature and our surroundings in general.

Preaching by Example

The Terra Foundation, committed to environmental improvement, incorporated in 1998 advanced technologies in terms of energy efficiency into their refurbished offices. Likewise, they incorporated renewable energies and ecological products to set an example. We are convinced that if a picture is worth a thousand words, the best way to raise environmental awareness is a practical reality.

Photovoltaic Central

Tierra Foundation wants to give support to The Green Fan of EvoSwitch as an exemplary initiative between organizations of telecomunications. All websites of the Tierra Foundation are housed on one server that hangs on a climate friendly infrastructure.