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Solar Economy

It is crucial to accelerate the presence of renewable energies, and specially solar energy, under every form and possibility. However, it is also essential to propomet energy efficiency. Terra Foundation promotes photovoltaic solar power as a solution to save toxic emissions to the atmosphere due to the generation of electricity, that nowadays takes place in carbon and nuclear plants. In short, we try to share our conviction for the more-than-ever necessary solar economy.      

Solar photovoltaic energy allows us to convert the solar rays into clean electricity without the need of fossil fuels or nuclear stations. Currently, the solar photovoltaic energy is a mature technology and one that the current legislation promotes. For this reason in the different states of the European Union there is a specific legislation that promotes the investments in solar energy. Spain is not an exception.

Terra Foundation, along with Fundación Biodiversidad, has the pleasure of presenting the keynote speech Thom Hartmann will read the upcoming Friday the 27th of November. On account to his visit to the country to take part of Barcelona's NOW festival, Hartmann will talk before the madrilian audience with the National Museum of Natural Sciencie as the perfect setting.

The aim to promote solar technologies applied to food and water processing brought Terra Foundation, member organization of Solar Cookers International, offer itself to organize an international conference meeting about solar cooker and food processing technologies in Spain on July 2006. It joined more than 200 experts from all over the world, 50 solar devices where exhibited and more than 75 scientific papers were presented.

A Scheffler reflector is a solar device for the concentration of solar light that allows, amongst other applications, to cook with solar energy. The aim that led to the development of the Scheffler reflector was to make solar cooking more comfortable. With this idea, the German physician Wolfgang Scheffler designed a solar cooker that allowed the cooking focus to be still while the sun kept its apparent path in the sky, and that had a structure that would allow cooking from inside of the building.