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2006 Solar Cookers International Conference

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Promotional poster of the Conference

Solar Cookers Conference participants during votation.

Solar Cookers and other solar food processing devices exhibition.

The aim to promote solar technologies applied to food and water processing brought Terra Foundation, member organization of Solar Cookers International, offer itself to organize an international conference meeting about solar cooker and food processing technologies in Spain on July 2006. It joined more than 200 experts from all over the world, 50 solar devices where exhibited and more than 75 scientific papers were presented.

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The Conference's goal was to bring researchers and practitioners together to exchange knowledge and decide future actions and collaborations to spread access to solar cooking, water purification and related solar food processing applications. The purpose was to reduce the health and environmental hazards related to traditional open fire cooking and growing fuel shortages affecting one-sixth of humanity. The Conference also evaluated the requirements, technology, costs and benefits of solar cooking technologies, an environmental friendly application and a chance for socio-economic development, culture of peace promotion and cooperation strategies.



The 2006 INTERNATIONAL SOLAR COOKERS CONFERENCE has been a forum for scientists, professionals, consultants, environmental managers, economists, solar cookers producers, policy makers, private companies, government administrations, non-governmental organizations, international societies, rural development groups, indigenous groups, journalists, cultural associations, and ecological artists. This diversity of participants during open plenaries has been an opportunity to share different points of view, interests, and experience in order to ensure the success of solar cooking.


Developing solar cooking technologies has been for a long time a challenge for many institutions over the world. Solar Cooking conferences have been held during the last 30 years and some of them pointed out new challenges. The 2006 edition wanted to be a success in order to play a major role in easing peoples' lives, slowing deforestation, and reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Last editions

1992 - Stockton, California, USA. "First World Conference on Solar Cooking"
Co sponsors: University of the Pacific and Solar (Box) Cookers International.

1994 - Heredia, Costa Rica. "Second World Conference on Solar Cookers - Use and Technology"
Co sponsors: Universidad Nacional and Solar Cookers International.

1997 - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. "Third International Conference on Solar Cookers - Use and Technology"
Co sponsors: Avinashilingam University and Solar Cookers International.

1999 - Varese, Italy. "International Conference on World Solar Cooking and Food Processing - Strategies and Financing"
Co sponsors: World Solar Programme and Solar Academy (UNESCO), GTZ, FAST (Italy).

2000 - Kimberley, South Africa. "International Conference on Solar Cooking 2000"
Sponsor: Dept. of Minerals and Energy, S.A. South Africa Government.

2006 - Granada, Spain. "Solar Cookers and Food Processing International Conference"
Co sponsors: Solar Cookers International, Terra Foundation, The Good Works Institute, Junta de Andalucía, Parque de las Ciencias.