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Annual reports and social balance

The activity of a cultural private foundation is collected in a report that resumes all the actions made for the purpose in which it was created. The social balance is an essencial document to get closer to Terra Foundation's activity. At the same time, it is a statement of transparency and responsibility with the economic resources that has the honour to manage.

During 2005 the task of improving the efficiency of the activities to be carried out was started. At this moment, the main areas of activity are: environmental awareness, promoting green habits, giving a boost to the solar economy, and the development of efficient and sustainable energy. Likewise, as an entity attached to the Moviment Laic i Progressista (MLP), Terra Foundation has stood out in advancing the process of Agenda 21 as well as the strategies for sustainability for the group of organizations that make the MLP.

Some of the highlights of 2006 were the Solar Cookers and Food Processing International Conference in Granada, the Solar Festival during the festivities of la Mercè in Barcelona, and the campaign against climate change called I am the Solution. Without a doubt, 2006 was a special year.

The year 2007 has been marked by two projects related to the promotion of the solar economy. In our country, we have been given the chance of investing in green energy against the climate change: the first project for "solar waves" developed a photovoltaic installation at the market in the district of El Carmel in Barcelona. The second one was an activity of solar technology transference in the island of Zanzibar, where the project was undertaken.

The year 2008 has been marked essentialy by 3 great projects. The 1st has been put at the disposition of Spanish society, the valuable documentary DVD, The 11th Hour, which comes with a guide for action. This film, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, was not realeased in our country and despite its importance as a reflection, it has not reached the necessary population to have the knowledge and the values of those contributions made by more that 50 scientists who appear on it.