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25€: you help with the training of a voluntary scientific citizen!

This person helps us with scientific data collection for a citizen science project.

Image Credit: CREAF


40€: you help the CREAF technicians obtaining data through fieldwork and in the laboratory!

These people are responsible for example of monitoring trees’ growth at the Biological Station of Can Balasc (situated in the Park of Collserola, Barcelona, it is an urban green area strongly impacted by global change).

Image Credit: CREAF


60€: you help with the purchase of a high precision movement sensor!

This technological material is needed for a bird nesting box to obtain data on the effect of climate change on passerine birds in the Pyrenees

Image Credit: CREAF


Help us protect the environment!

To face the multiple challenges of the global change that our planet and our society are suffering, including the imminent climatic crisis, rigorous and reliable data is necessary... scientific evidence is vital...

Crédito: CREAF (Centro de Investigación en Ecología y Aplicaciones Forestales)

Help us move Science to ensure Sustainable Development!

Collaborate with Fundació Terra and you too will be alongside researchers from our Collaborate with Fundació Terra and you too will be alongside researchers from our, CREAF (Centre for Research on Ecology and Forestry Applications) Centre for Research on Ecology and Forestry Applications, helping them finding solutions to the most urgent environmental and social challenges, accelerating scientific advances related to global change, giving scientific projects more visibility and helping, with your support, to magnify their impact.

We undertake this mission thanks to the collaboration with our scientific partner CREAF, and especially thanks to the collaboration of citizens, foundations and companies that contribute to our cause.

Our main aim is to involve citizens in this adaptation to global change, based on science of excellence, creating a new socioecological ethic that allows us to be part of the solutions as a society, facilitating the path to an environmentally and globally sustainable society.

How can you help?

Donations allow us to promote science of excellence in ecology, climate change and biodiversity, through projects and the design of new initiatives in practical ecology. You can choose to either make a single donation or become a friend of Fundació Terra with a monthly donation!

To make your donation:


You can make your contribution easily by making your donation through Paypal, specifying donor’s name + "earth donation”



Bank Transfer

You can make your contribution directly in Fundació Terra’s bank account, specifying donor’s name +"earth donation"
IBAN ES30 2100 3000 1422 0175 7499



If you prefer you can easily make your donation through BIZUM, specifying donor’s name + " earth donation”
CODE 00739

If you want to collaborate, please send us your contact details to [email protected] and we will get in touch with you with the steps to take in order to register your donation.

Now a donation costs you much less!

Now a donation costs you much less! you will be able to deduce up to 80% of your first 150€ of donations as a ‘physical person’!

How does it work?

I’m a private citizen: you can deduce 80% of the first 150€ of donations from the Physical Person’s Income Tax’s complete fee, and for donations higher than that amount you will be able to deduce 35%.

you can deduce 80% of the first 150€ of donations from the Physical Person’s Income Tax’s complete fee, and for donations higher than that amount you will be able to deduce 35%.


I'm a company: you can deduce 35% of any amount donated from the Tax on Societies’ complete fee, as Legal Person.

So, a donation of 150€ that you make to Fundació Terra will only cost you 97,50€!

As a registered foundation in Spain, we can offer fiscal advantages (rate reductions) both to a resident ‘physical person’ in Spain and a ‘legal person’ through the corresponding rate deduction in each case, that additionally has recently just improved as a result of a recent modification of the article 19 of the Law 49/2002 that regulates these deductions (Real decreto ley 17/2020, de 5 de mayo publicado en el BOE de 6 de mayo de 2020).

Help us move quality science so that we can continue to protect the environment.

There is still hope that, together, can achieve a sustainable world.

What happens with your donation?

We facilitate ways to offer scientists scholarships, materials and equipment to continue to advance science and carry out the necessary research and interventions to understand causes and consequences of the ongoing global change that we, as planet and society, suffer.

And to be able to achieve these aims, we need you!

We offer you the opportunity to take part in the science, may it be with a small contribution, being part of our community of friends of Fundació Terra or even participating in one of the citizen science projects!

In addition, we offer you information on global change sciences and news on environmental current topics in our communication channel

Thank you for supporting science and conservation excellence, environmental projects and the people behind!

Crédito: CREAF (Centro de Investigación en Ecología y Aplicaciones Forestales)

Our guarantee

At Fundació Terra we work to keep our commitment of transparency and responsibility with you, our collaborator. For any consult, you can access our annual reports and social balance.

If you have any question, we are here to help you. Contact us at [email protected]

Support Fundació Terra and the science, we count on you!


Problems with your donation?

For any enquiry, or if you simply want more information on donations’ rate reductions, please contact us at [email protected]

We do not sell or exchange your data with anybody. Fundació Terra is inscribed in the ‘Registro of the Protectorado of Fundaciones of the Ministerio of Culture, Orden Ministerial’ of the 29th of July of 1994 (‘BOE 08/09/94’), with the number 238. All the member positions of the Board of Trustees run through gratuitous contracts and are held accountable annually at the Protectorate, as established by current regulations. By making a donation, you confirm your consent to share your personal data with Fundació Terra, the non-profit organization that manages and the promotion of research and citizen science projects of CREAF, and at the service suppliers here mentioned. Fundació Terra and its suppliers are all located in Barcelona, Spain. For any enquiry, please contact [email protected]



Emission of your donation certificate

Once you have made your donation, please fill in the data on the following form and send it through so that we can send you your donation certificate: