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Earth Foundation: 20 years of practical ecology

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The board of Earth Foundation with the white willow (Salix alba) planted on wetland's Molins de Rei (Barcelona).

The board of Earth Foundation with the olive tree (Olea europaea) planted near wetland's Molins de Rei (Barcelona).

Celebrating plate from 20th birthday of Earth Foundation.

In 2014 we celebrated the 20 th anniversary of the founding of Earth Foundation (Fundación Tierra) the first environmental foundation with this exclusive aim in Spain. As there wasn't a protectorate for fundations in the Ministry of the environment at the time, the Ministry of Culture accepted the concept of environmental culture as a foundational purpose. With the minimum capital required for foundations at that time, about six thousands euros, the mission was to canalize and promote initiatives favouring a greater responsability of society in themes relating to the environment, responsability inspired by the spirit that “little changes are powerful”. We understood that we had to encourage a change in the current cuture with an environmental perspective, in other words, to get closer to a vision of a less self-centered human civilization.

A clear objective: practical ecology
We were far from thinking that, seven years after its creation, we would have generated sufficient activity so as to raise the foundational capital up to the present number of 100.000 euros in own assets. From then on, beyond the ups and downs of each tax year, (which can be consulted in the reports of our institutional web) and, eventhough Earth Foundation disposes of a modest budget, it has caracterized itself by a clear spirit of innovation in all the actvities carried out. As Max Plank stated "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather by contributing to the fcat that this truth may be familiar to the genrations to come".

Main achievements
During these 20 years (1994-2014), Earth Foundation has set some milestones in our country being pioneers in diferent areas. We have clearly taken up the role that is a foundation's, that is to say we have opened new visions. Some of those have been afterwards developped or with a business perspective or by entities which have taken it up as their speciality.

We have been the first in:
• Spreading environmental contents through internet.
• Starting-up a high volume solar pump.
• Promoting the collaboration between companies and the environmental third sector.
• Editing an environmental enciclopedia in 50 monographies of more than 2000 pages.
• Introducing the technologies of processing food with the Sun.
• Designing and creating the concept of domestic eco-audit.
• Carrying out a termographical and architectural study in buildings in Barcelona.
• Impulsing the implantation of the FSC certification in the editorial world with a chain of custody group.
• Taking on the struggle against the change of climate on solar roofs.
• Design a worm farm made in our country.
• Create a photovoltaic solar domestic aplliance in plug and play.
• Make urban mobility easier thanks to bikes that would be adapted to disabled people.
• Set up a greenhouse with geodesic architecture for urban horticulture.
• Create a standard of environment certification for funerary services.

5 inspirationes for the change
While serving society, we have forged from Earth Foundation a peculiar vision of environmental questions. This is our legacy and our strength to be able to evolve from this 20 years'experience.

- Adopting an environmental perspective. We have to redirect all the areas of society, culture and economy towards a new horizon that allows combining personal fullness with planetarian balance.
- Changing ourselves for the surroundings to change. We have to take action and become the change we want to see for a sustainable future. We have to convert ourselves into active agents of the change installing solar energy in our households for personal use, assuming a diet free from toxic chemicals, motivating mobility without greenhouse gas emissions or chosing properly at each and every moment for us to be efficient and for us to save natural resources with sharing economy and common goods.
- Embracing vital simplicity. There can not be a future without a social model in which prevail the values of compassion, equity, integral well-being, fraternity, cooperation, love, frugality, respect towards human dignity and natural order etc... We do not consume goods but we demand services, starting by the ones given by nature (clean air, hydrologic protection, food, identity, etc.). Only collaborative economy or common goods make sense.
- We are children of the light of the Sun. It is in solar energy that lies all the potential that humanity has at hand to satisfy its needs, not its greed. Solar energy brings us enough renewable energetical resources for a comfortable life, if combined with efficency and energy saving. To make renewable energy the energetic imperative, is not only a political priority, but a citizen and spiritual priority as well.
- Dying without ecological traces. The death of a human being can not leave a deep mark in the forests of the planet or in the atmosphere that we breathe. We have instigated ecological certification applied to funerary services, designing some standards that allow reducing progressively the ecological impact at the level of emissions and residues, as well as the ecological trace of the products and services of each funeral.

On the 7th of April1994, three young men, Joan Dolcet, Ralf Massanés and Jordi Miralles were coming to the public notary to create Fundación Tierra in spanish and Fundació Terra in catalan language (Earth Foundation). Today, they are still in the board of directors of the entity with the present team. Everybody can make their own valuation, but beyond the mistakes we may have made and eventhough the entity is now revising its objectives, the cultural patrimony that we have brought to our country with an environmental perspective is at sight and it is a pleasure sharing it.

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