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The Guerilla Solar: Plugged against climate change

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May 28th, 2009.- Guerilla Solar is a campaign of action directly promoted by the Terra Foundation to establish the general use of solar and renewable energies, energy savings, and efficiency in domestic use.

For the first time there is a weapon for action proposed that directly allows for a peaceful gesture, to show the people that in new houses, apart from consuming energy, we should also have the possibility of producing green energy to fight against climate change. This is the Photonic Kit GS120.

Guerilla Solar is a campaign in favor of ENERGY DEMOCRACY for the citizens to PARTICIPATE in the fight against climate change, by investing in energies that are renewable and efficient, while saving energy at home. It is also a campaign for the municipalities, so that in having media to reduce the bureaucracy and support the photovoltaic energy in familiar buildings and dwellings, they take political and administrative action that allows them to achieve with the challenge of the European Union of the 20-20-20 for the 2020.

Each person, household, or municipality who joins the Guerilla Solar can visualize this compromise beyond its words. The Terra Foundation, in collaboration with 2 other companies in the renewable sector, has encouraged the development of a solar appliance that produces electricity when illuminated by the sun and is connected to any place in the house. The weapon developed for this Guerilla Solar campaign is the Photonic Kit GS120, that consists of a monochrystaline solar panel of 120 Wp which incorporates a microinverter approved for connecting to the standard grid of 125 W. The result is a photovoltaic panel with a plug that can connect easily and save the electricity brought into our home. 

Guerilla Solar: plugged against climate change is an action intended to display that green energy can be produced in our homes without the heavy bureaucracy imposed by the government; that of which does not facilitate the development of renewables in the domestic scope.

Guerilla Solar with its Photovoltaic Kit GS120, shows that we can produce photovoltaic energy to contribute to saving unclean watts of the electrical grid in a very simple way. There however, is no legal incentive to plug into the sun from home and yet instead a strong bureaucracy that is not viable to it.

For this the Terra Foundation, in its campaign of the Guerrilla Solar, also intended to imply to the local Admininistration, as their role is key to facilitating the citizen's access to renewable energies in the domestic scope and because there is higher political consciousness about climate change in the municipalities, as was evident in the past Mayor´s Convention.

The Photonic Kit GS120 is an authentic plug&play appliance for the fight against climate change. We have produced 150 units and thus, has been sought by 150 families that want to save around 144 kW/h a year, which amounts to compensate for 10% of the domestic electric consumption per person in a household of 3 members. The energy necessary for its production is recoverred in 3.5 years and the experience with the monochrystalline photovolaic panels shows that they have durations of more than 30 years. The Terra Foundation distributes this kit, the development of which more than 120,000 euros has been invested, with the sale of only 150 units at factory price. For its part though, the manufacturers participated in its development also have all the facilities that the Phototonic Kit GS120 will need in order to be a reality in our country. 

The electrical interconnection of the Photonic Kit GS120 is of highst security and meets the strictest standards. The kit is disconnected when the electricity is cut, so that it can't provoke an electric field by itself in case of repairs of the network. Some European countires are studying to allow implanting up to 500 W of solar photovoltaic power with the same ease that one acquires of a conventional appliance. The standard technology development that incorporates the Photovoltaic Kit GS120 will meet with these standards in study.

Guerrilla Solar issues the challenge to the Spanish Government, that it will be a pioneer in facilitating citizen´s access in the domestic scope; to save electricity with the use of solar energy and power up for a genuine fight against climate change.

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