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Perspectiva Ambiental 46 - Fungi in action (2009)

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Cover of this environmental education magazine dedicated to fungi and inspired in the work of the reknowned mycologist Paul Stamets.

Entering into the mysterious world of fungi, today, is a challenge because in these beings lie a really valuable task in the operation of the biosphere that we cannot forget. We want to emphasize the ecological role of these living beings, over the presence of the well-known mushrooms in our kitchens.

Talking about fungi is talking about an amazing travel through Life. All the food chain depends on the fungi and the rest of decomposer organisms, and that role of first decomposers of nature turns them into key elements for regeneration of the ecosystems.

But besides their natural role in the biosphere and the diverse applications in which we humans have learned to take advantage of them (making bread, improving cheeses), the techniques of the mycorestoration leads to a field of possibilities for a more harmonic relation with the rest of beings of the planet. Mycorestoration is the regeneration of ecosystems affected by humans thanks to the use of the fungi and would include from the decomposition of toxic residues and pollutants (mycoremediation), the elimination of pathogens present in water (mycofiltration) or the control of populations of insects (mycopesticides), to the technics to improve the health of our forests and gardens (mycoforestry and mycogardening). The mycorestoration for us is a science still in its beginnings but for nature is a refined strategy which has existed for centuries. Using the mycelium of fungi as a tool for ecological restoration may be another good idea that we can borrow from the millenarian methods of regeneration of nature.

Download Perspectiva Ambiental 46, in Catalan language (1.5 Mb)

Index of the monograph

Fungi in action

Fungi and nature
A complex kingdom
The fungi and human culture
Medicinal fungi
Fungi that produce foods
Yeasts and spirits
Cheeses with fungi
Human consciousness modified by the fungi
The mushrooms as food
Forests of mushrooms inoculated with mycelium
The fungi cultivated foods
Other applications of the fungi
Ants cultivators of fungi
Biotechnological and environmental applications of the fungi
The fungi attack
Fungi in agriculture
Fungi against the contamination
Fungi to save the world
Fungi in strike
The fungi surround us
Making bread with sourdough
We make kepir
Fungal art
Bibliography and Internet