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Third Millenium Documents

The collection "Third Millenium Documents" deals with pioneer issues in the environmental field that may stimulate a new behaviour in agents that could act as multiplicators. Some of them are available in electronic file.  

Simplicidad Radical (Radical Simplicity) is the first book to get if we aim to lead a more sustainable life. It gives a simple method that makes us accountants of our belongings and activities. At the same time, it values the ecological footprint of our lifestyle. Moreover, it proposes a more fair relation amongst the people and the rest of the living beings that also inhabit this planet.   

A handbook for a simple life

La hora 11. Guía para la acción en la penúltima hora (The 11th hour. Guide for action in the penultimate hour), consists of a book and a DVD. Both works can be acquired separated, but they are offered in a promotional pack due to its interest. The collection is formed by a book gathering the interventions of the experts appearing in the film La hora 11 (The 11th hour ) narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and also a guide of possibilities to change our lifestyle.