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The 11th hour. Guide for action in the penultimate hour

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Cover of the book that collects the contents of the movie La hora 11.

DVD cover of the film La hora 11.

La hora 11. Guía para la acción en la penúltima hora (The 11th hour. Guide for action in the penultimate hour), consists of a book and a DVD. Both works can be acquired separated, but they are offered in a promotional pack due to its interest. The collection is formed by a book gathering the interventions of the experts appearing in the film La hora 11 (The 11th hour ) narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and also a guide of possibilities to change our lifestyle. This book allows us to amass the valuable content of the contributions of the greatest participation of visionaries of environmental issues ever united in an audiovisual format, as presented in La hora 11. Most of them are part of the American association Bioneers . The documentary, directed by Nadia Connors and Leila Connors Peterson, was not opened in the cinemas in our country. This DVD edition is the result of the efforts of Artemisa Comunicación Audiovisual and Terra Foundation, who made possible that Warner Bros in Spain authorised a limited edition in its distribution. For this reason, this DVD can only be acquired through the website of the promoting entities. Likewise, the book-guide has the producers' authorisation Tree Media Group , and the offer pack is an exceptional document. The production of this pack for environmental awareness was possible thanks to the collaboration of the Obra Social de Caixa Catalunya , reason for which the price is tight, so that everyone interested in La hora 11 may get a true treasure of the environmental communication.   

The film La hora 11 (here you can read a comment , in Spanish) wants to describe - with the comments from scientists and environmental experts, but also with high impact images - the last moment of the planet where it is still possible to change. The film explores how the humanity has reached to this point: how we live, the impact we produce on the ecosystems and what we can do to change our path. Experts around the world, more than fifty scientists, intellectuals and leaders present us the facts and talk about the most urgent aspects that our planet and the humanity face. These world experts explore how the humankind has got to the current situation of environmental crisis, while analyzing the steps needed to prevent a global disaster.

Increasingly, humankind suffers more diseases directly linked to the contamination. This is the fault of an excessive production of goods and unsustainable system that generates waste and destruction, based in a collective greed to own possessions and in an unsustainable growth of the population. The indicators of this crisis are reflected in our consumption of fossil fuels, mainly oil.

Nature has answers that we could imitate and this way we could develop the necessary technology to overcome some of these crises. But any solution requires the humankind living once again with a deeper environmental conscience and in harmony with nature, instead of trying to dominate it. According to the experts' opinion in the film, in some years we could reach a non-return point. We are not only in the last but one hour, but maybe in the last seconds of this penultimate hour. If we do not achieve a really effective change in this century, the damage in the planet will be striking and total. Although it might be difficult to predict, the disaster could be very fast once the Earth loses its equilibrium and makes the balance incline definitely towards the wrong direction, which effects will be felt everywhere on the planet.   

Guide contents:

-The message of the experts
(transcription of the dialogue of the more than fifty experts appearing in the film)
-Ideas and actions towards a more sustainable planet
(compilation of practical work to change our lifestyle)
-Guide to watch the film La hora 11
(advice to facilitate the organization of video-forum sessions)
-The compromise of the people interviewed
(biography of the experts appearing in the film according to their area of expertise)
-Catalan version
(Catalan version of the contents of this guide)

Characteristics of the Guide:
Collection: Document of the Third Millennium, 6
Book printed in recycled paper: book Amigo de los Bosques de Greenpeace (Friend of the Forests of Greenpeace)
Cover of recycled cardboard
Number of pages: 144 black and white
Inserted document of 8 pages in colour with photographs of the film
Format: 170 x 240 mm
Languages: spanish and catalan

Characteristics of the DVD Video:
Length: 80 minutes (includes extra content)
Audio (5.1 Dolby Digital) in Spanish, English and Italian
Subtitles in Spanish, English, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch
Trailer of the Warner Independent Pictures

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